Shut Up, David Brooks

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Well Gee That’s Swell

It sure is nice that David Brooks was allowed to hand in a book report for his column today.  I get paid probably 10-20% of what he does and my boss expects original content.  But hey, I guess some of us have to come up with the ideas that David Brooks “tries to report on”.  

Oh and contrary to what Charles Taylor via DB says, atheism was not “impossible” in the 1500s.  Many people were pretty casual about their beliefs, many churches had extremely low attendance at masses, and many people who did go were way more into the magic-y parts of religion than the God-y parts.  SEE I CAN READ BOOKS TOO, DAVID.  

(Seriously, I have about a zillion better and more important things to do than fact-check this shit, but I just can’t help myself.  I hope the ten of you who read this blog appreciate that.)

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