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Of Crispex and Covenants

This week, David Brooks went all the way to an impressive store in Midwood to be impressed by the fact that there are such things as vegan cheese puffs and household products designed to obviate the need for any kind of work whatsoever.  David Brooks probably bought a Coke at a gas station in Connecticut once and now whenever he wants a Coke he drives to Connecticut and buys it at that gas station, because apparently David Brooks does not notice that these things are EVERYWHERE ALL THE TIME.  Like birth control snarfing twenty-something Wiccans, or Orthodox Jewish babies.  But this line, I think, has to win the prize for Oblivious Statement of the Week*:

For the people who shop at Pomegranate, the collective covenant with God is the primary reality and obedience to the laws is the primary obligation. They go shopping like the rest of us, but their shopping is minutely governed by an external moral order.

David, you horse-gobbling psychopath.  Have you never even BEEN inside a Whole Foods?  


*Don’t worry, Tom, we’ll be accepting entries through Sunday.

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